Sound & Picture is a crew-centric workflow magazine that features editorials in sound, cinematography, picture editing, visual effects, and the latest in gear and technology. We offer a variety of branding options:

Each issue of Sound & Picture is available on Apple, Android, Kindle, and computer platforms with a wide variety of interactive opportunities – videos, belly bands, in-editorial ads, slideshows, and more.

Our daily content is unique from our print edition and offers different stories between issues ranging from interviews, gear and movie reviews, award and trade show coverage, and a variety of other topics. Feature a banner on our site or send important updates to our readers via eNews.

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Takeover:      $1,950/month, $487/week
728 x 90px:   $525/month
300 x 250px: $525/month (stand alone)
300 x 250px: $400/month (rotating)

eNews Campaigns
Campaigns:  $950 each
Subscribers: 26,000 (more added daily)

2014 Site Statistics (via StatCounter)
Page Loads:        152,473
Unique Visits:     107,629
Returning Visits: 14,248

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