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What is On-Premise Managed Storage?


The //DEUS EX Hybrid NVME SSD & HDD Media Storage Solution

Nick Anderson, DigitalGlue Product Manager, Post | Production Solutions

On-Premise Managed Storage, or OPMS, is’s unique approach to making high-performance shared storage accessible to creative video teams. The key to making great content on time and on budget is to iterate as much as possible. That’s really hard when you have to render and transfer your work every time you want to get feedback. With a shared storage system, everyone is working off of the same data and feedback is instant. It’s a complete paradigm shift that results in fewer late nights at the office and more time to be creative.

We provide storage as a managed service for creatives that is charged at a fixed monthly rate. It’s very simple. First, our team of industry veterans consults with your team to diagnose your current workflow needs. Then, you get a proposal with fixed monthly pricing for 1, 2, or 3+ years. You pick the option that works best for you and we send over a contract. You only have to think about what you need today, since all our systems are designed to easily and affordably scale. The best part is that you can claim the cost as an operational expense instead of dealing with the burden of a capital purchase every few years. You get storage and support for a fixed monthly rate that costs less than a single employee.

With, you can always trust that you are getting the best technology available. For the fastest possible spinning disk performance, we use Helium-filled 10, 12, and now 16 TB drives. These drives are literally pumped with helium to reach speeds faster than standard oxygen-filled drives. For reliable playback of image sequences (DPX, OpenEXR, TIFF), we use NF1 (Next-gen Form factor 1) NVMe SSDs, available in 4, 8, and 16 TB per card at the lowest cost per TB in the industry. We’ve developed a line of systems engineered to take full advantage of the performance these drives offer, without the wasteful cost of adapting these drives to legacy architectures. From the drive to the desktop, every part of the data pipeline has been designed to give you the maximum performance possible.

Our latest solution is the new hybrid //DEUS EX with up to 288 TB HDD and 64 TB NF1 SSD. To put the kind of performance this system offers into perspective, our recent tests on this unit show 8 GB/s aggregate throughput across just four SSDs to five clients over a combination of 25 and 40 GbE. That means you can collaborate seamlessly with 4K image sequences. As of today, this system is available for a fixed monthly rate of $5,490, $3,790, or $2,995, on a 1, 2, or 3 year contract with support included.

We believe that the key to getting the most value out of your team is to remove the barriers to real-time collaboration that keep artists from maximizing their creative potential. Our mission with is to minimize the time it takes to turn vision into reality. With On-Premise Managed Storage, you can stop wasting time babysitting your data and get the space you need to create.

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