PremiumBeat Releases March 2019 Playlist: Top-Notch Rock, EDM, Classical, and More


Each month PremiumBeat brings you the freshest music tracks in a curated collection of customer favorites and editor’s picks. The team strives to add the highest quality music to their library, but music, as with any art form, is subjective. What is good to one person is a matter of opinion that makes up our “taste” in music. So how does PremiumBeat measure quality objectively? One metric they use is the quality of sound: a song’s production value, like how full and clear the sound is. They also encourage strong songwriting no matter what style an artist is working in. This month the PremiumBeat artists have delivered everything from rock to EDM to classical music, but the thing they all share in common is their strong song structure and quality of sound.

Click HERE to listen to the PremiumBeat March 2019 playlist.

PremiumBeat is an international team of composers, designers, programmers, and writers with a passion for music. With an epic collection of royalty-free music spanning multiple styles and genres, PremiumBeat provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new and traditional media projects like videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.

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