Soundly Collections Help Editors and Sound Designers Tell a Better Story with Sound


Grouped by mood, genre, author, collections interface streamlines SFX search while sparking creativity when sculpting audio for common scenes and environments

Oslo, Norway – Soundly, an audio technology company and maker of the popular cloud-based, sound effects (SFX) library and workflow tool by the same name, today released Soundly collections. Soundly collections streamline search while inspiring creativity when creating audio soundscapes for common scene locations and environments such as kitchens, car chases, offices, horror, outer space and more.

Soundly is a unique, turnkey solution for adding sound to picture. Not only does it contain an online library of sound, but it also features a specialized application for editing and placing sounds. With a simple click, Soundly subscribers can instantly audition any sound and edit it on-the-fly using the waveform view before dragging and dropping the desired portion of the sound into popular editing applications (such as Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic and FCP, Avid Media Composer, or Adobe Premiere Pro).

Soundly collections are expertly curated groups of sounds that are linked to a specific mood, genre or author. Accessible directly from within Soundly, collections are designed to inspire as well as simplify the creative sound design and editing process.

“It’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ when creating an atmosphere for a common area like a kitchen or office. We designed Soundly collections to inspire sound designers and editors to find new ways to communicate story elements to the viewer for these common environments,” said Peder Jørgensen, Lead Developer and co-founder at Soundly. “Users can also create their own collections and share them with other collaborators.”

Soundly has achieved a milestone in cloud-based audio workflows providing quick access to SFX from any location with an internet connection. The task of sound editing frequently takes a back seat in post-production, so it’s never been more important to remove barriers to creativity by speeding up the process of finding and placing sound to picture.

“Soundly users tell us they’re working faster than ever before, but they also admit to being perfectionists, putting their heart and soul into every production,” said Christian Schaanning, Co-founder of Soundly. “With our new collections feature, editors can quickly build rich, inspiring sound spaces faster than ever, giving them more time to put their unique creative signature on a production. It’s not enough to simply make the audience feel they are in an office or hotel room, but more importantly, how does it ‘feel’ to be in that room at that moment.”

With Soundly, multiple steps are avoided from traditional workflows, saving valuable time for editors. Only Soundly provides a centralized hub to search for sound effects not just in the cloud library, but also on local storage, shared network attached storage, and even through large online systems like Soundly collections show up alongside traditional search results, so they are easily accessible.

To announce Soundly collections, Christian and Peder have created a new video which they hope you will enjoy.” Click here to view.

Soundly collections are available in the latest version of Soundly.  Soundly is free to download at for both Mac or PC. The Premium SaaS version includes a massive cloud-based sound effects library, full sound catalog indexing, access to the Soundly store for specialized in-app purchases, and access to multiple fee libraries like and to use within Soundly, all for only $14.99 per month.

*See the original Soundly demo video from creators Christian and Peder here.

**See the hilarious Soundly v2 demo video here.

About Soundly
Soundly makes the revolutionary cloud-based Soundly sound effects library and management tool. Based in Oslo, Norway, Soundly was founded by two professional sound designers: Christian Schaanning (a recipient of the Amanda Nordic Film AwardAcademy of Canadian Film and Television Awardand Golden Reel awards in the US, and Motion Picture Editors Guild nominee) and Peder Jørgensen (creator of several apps and audio workflow tools, and a longtime sound designer for commercials). The Soundly team brings a perfect mix of sound design experience and agile UX-focused software development together to help content creators become more efficient and more creative when adding sound to pictures. After all, sound without a picture is music, a picture without sound is a painting.

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