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Introducing MOZA Mini-MI, the World’s First Smartphone Gimbal with Wireless Phone Charging


MOZA Mini-MI is a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer designed for mobile phones which comes with wireless phone charging and some awesome features.

Key Features:

  1. Supports most mobile phones in the market
  2. Wireless phone charging with magnetic coils in the phone holder
  3. 8 follow modes and manual positioning
  4. Multiple subjects detection for fast tracking
  5. Built-in MOZA App camera with cinematic functions
  6. Full control of Camera with ergonomic buttons
  7. Limitless 360° rotation on Roll axis for Inception mode
  8. User-friendly quick launch
  9. Multiple camera accessory mounts
  10. Live streaming to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

Price & Purchase
$109 USD
Pre-order at official store:

Key Features

Wireless Phone Charging
By using inductive charging technology and magnetic coils in the phone holder, the Mini-MI lets you charge your mobile phone wirelessly. Simply mount your mobile phone onto the gimbal and power on, it will automatically charge.

The Smart Gimbal with Limitless Power
The 5V USB port on the bottom of the handgrip is compatible with all phone chargers and power banks, meaning you can have full control of your power supply. The Mini-MI will charge while filming,

External Power for Your Smartphone
Smartphones without induction charging have the option to charge up with a 5V 2A USB port is located on the pitch arm.

8 Follow Modes & Manual Positioning
The Mini-Mi features independent control system for each axis; Roll, Yaw, and Pitch.  These axes can be controlled individually by 8 follow modes. The manual positioning also gives you more freedom to unleash your creativity.

Built-in Camera with Professional Style Functions
The newly designed MOZA App comes with a camera that enables you to control, focus, zoom, view photos, create slow-motion time-lapse, panoramas, change ISO, shutter, EV, and white balance. The MOZA app also supports RGB settings to achieve customized filter effects.

Multiple Subjects Detection For Fast Tracking
The built-in artificial intelligence recognition technology enables the gimbal to automatically detect multiple subjects simultaneously.

Live Streaming
Want to stream smooth and steady video of live events to your friends? The Mini-MI enables you to stream smooth stabilized live video on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Allowing you to easily switch from landscape mode to portrait mode.

Control The Camera With Ergonomic Buttons
Use the joystick and dial wheel on the handgrip to control the camera. You can access camera settings and filming modes without touching the smartphone screen directly. Use the buttons to adjust ISO, shutter speed, exposure, focus, zoom, and white. Just like a professional-grade camera!

User Friendly Quick Lauch
You can launch the gimbal whether the roll arm is on the right side or left side.

Product Specs:

Gimbal Weight 480g
Max Payload 300g
Supported Mobile Phones iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus/8

iPhone 7S Plus/7/7 Plus/7

iPhone 6S Plus/6/6 Plus/6

iPhone 5S

Huawei Mate 10 Pro/Mate 10

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Note 8

Yaw Rotation Range ± 360°
Tilt Rotation Range ±165°
Roll Rotation Range 310°
Bluetooth BLUETOOTH 4.0
Bluetooth Control Range 5m
Battery Model 18350
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Battery Life >12 hrs


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About Gudsen MOZA
Gudsen is an innovative video-making equipment provider specializing in creating high-tech camera stabilizers and accessories and offering effective stabilization solution for videography industry.  We have successfully launched several impressive MOZA 3-Axis handheld camera stabilizers with advanced technologies that can support a wide range of cameras from small-sized action camera to professional large-sized cinema cameras.  Our product line includes MOZA Lite, MOZA Pro, Mini-G GoPro gimbal, Mini-C smartphone stabilizer, MOZA Guru360 for 360° cameras, MOZA Guru360 Air for VR cameras and MOZA Accessories. Our vision is “invented for Video” with innovative & high quality products as well as exceptional customer service.

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