Gig Gear LLC Showcases New Two Hand Touch iPad Harness


Hollywood, CA — Brooklyn, New York-based manufacturer Gig Gear™ LLC showcased its new Two Hand Touch tablet harness at the Cine Gear Expo 2018 held at The Studios at Paramount in Hollywood from June 1-2.

The brand new Two Hand Touch (THT) is a lightweight harness that is worn over the shoulders and across the chest that allows users to use both hands on apps that allow for multi-touch capabilities.

While on a film set, the THT provides many benefits, including that it can be used to hold an iPad or tablet as an additional personal field monitor eliminating crowding around the camera operator when trying to review shots. The Two Hand Touch also puts the iPad right in front of operators when it’s being used as a camera remote control. If using the iPad as a wireless controller, the harness allows for the use of both hands.

“The iPad has become ubiquitous in practically every industry, and the film production industry is no different,” said Danny Shatzkes, founder of Gig Gear. “Using an iPad on the set can be very beneficial for many different tasks, however, having to carry it around constantly can still be quite cumbersome. Gig Gear’s Two Hand Touch will allow film pros the opportunity to utilize their iPads and tablets in a much more efficient and ergonomic manner, eliminating the need to carry it around all day. Gig Gear’s mission is to make the jobs of production professionals easier, safer, more efficient and more fun. With the Two Hand Touch, we believe we’re continuing to achieve that mission.”

The THT eliminates the potential for misplacing, dropping or damaging an iPad or tablet and comes in two sizes that fit both the standard iPad and the iPad Pro. The harness also features multiple pockets and straps for expendables and additional tools.

Additionally, Gig Gear showcased its full line of Gig Gloves — work gloves designed with production professionals in mind. The Gloves are available in three models: the Original Gig Gloves — which provide visibility of the hands in low-light environments; THERMO Gig Gloves — which are fleece-lined for working on cold sets; and Gig Gloves ONYX — an all-black version for those who need to be discreet. All three pairs provide complete protection on the back of the hands and palms, breathability for extended use to eliminate sweating, access to the first three fingers via fold-over fingertips for fine motor tasks, and touchscreen capability directly through the fabric. All three versions of Gig Gloves come in 6 sizes (XS – XXL) and allow production professionals to keep their hands protected the entire time they are working without compromising on the ability to do their work.

About Gig Gear LLC
Gig Gear LLC, founded in the summer of 2014, was launched by Daniel Shatzkes with the intent of providing productionand live event  professionals with novel and innovative products to make their jobs easier, safer, more efficient and more fun.


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