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eMotimo Spectrum ST4 + Dana Dolly: What Can You Shoot in a Day?


The eMotimo spectrum ST4 + Dana Dolly kit enables you to take your professional productions to new levels with cameras up to 15lbs. We challenged ourselves to see what we could shoot in a 12-hour production. Setup, interviews, tabletop, VFX and timelapse.

Setup: Add your spectrum ST4 to your Dana Dolly in minutes. No drilling or custom tools required. Included quick releases and thumbscrews help to keep things easy. Just plug in 2 cables and a battery to shoot 4 axes. You could be done shooting by the time you get other competitor’s rigs set up.

Better Interviews: Automate your interviews with spectrum ST4. With 4 axes of movement, you can frame your subject regardless of your move and their position in relation to the track. With powerful focus control, you will always keep your subject sharp even with extreme focal changes. Move beyond simple basic looks-like-everyone else’s shots and have more creative options.

Smooth Tabletop Product Shooting: Smooth and precise for close-up macro shots and fast and controlled for higher speed overcranked shots. The spectrum ST4 / Dana Dolly kit will make your product shots stand out and professional. Do it faster by using live-keyframing instead of programming every shot.

Accurate & Repeatable for VFX: Setup any shot, and run as many passes as you want. Spectrum ST4 is frame accurate, enabling capture of multiple-pass VFX shots as easy and reliable. Match shots quickly in post by using the controller bloop light. Compare results. We have better repeatability than systems that come in at more than 10K our price.

4-axis Timelapse: Stand out with a 4-axis shot that includes focus changes with the integrated Fz motor that was designed from the ground up. The spectrum ST4 has a built-in intervalometer to trigger your DSLR. All known bulb ramping solutions are supported. For the pros who want to go bigger or simplify their workflow, the spectrum ST4 supports cinema cameras like REDs and Alexa Mini.

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