Filmotechnic Gives 2018 Winter Olympics Smooth Coverage


Versatile camera arms/flight heads handle Pyeongchang’s wind, ice, and bitter cold

Filmotechnic, the Academy award-winning fabricator of camera systems, camera cranes, and gyro stabilized heads for film, motion picture, and ad industries, brought millions of viewers the best coverage ever of an Olympic games, this time from Pyeongchang, South Korea. This is the latest of multiple Olympics that Filmotechnic has been contracted to supply their industry-leading image stabilization equipment. In the US, Filmotechnic USA is best known for having the largest and most flexible camera car fleet in the entertainment industry. Lessons learned covering Olympic events keep Filmotechnic unequaled while shooting on any continent.

Wind, Ice and Bitter Cold
The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang were expected  to be cold, but the weather was more severe than predicted. Wind and ice pellets left Olympic snowboarders simply trying to stay on course. Ski jumpers were dealing with snow “tornadoes” and swirling gusts. Bi-athletes were trying to ski and to shoot straight in bitter cold and high cross winds. Qualifying runs for the Women’s Slopestyle were called off after 50 runs resulted in 41 falls or athletes simply giving up. Through it all, the Filmotechnic equipment has performed flawlessly.

Built in Ukraine
Filmotechnic’s team began prepping two years ago for the 2018 Winter Olympic games. To handle the demand for equipment, a new fabrication facility employing over 200 technicians was built in the Ukraine. Being engineered and tested in the Ukraine, known for its unpredictable weather, helps to develop trouble-free equipment. To cover all the venues, Filmotechnic has deployed 30 cranes and other rigs specially designed to capture all the action. Depending on the day, 30 to 50 technicians were operating the equipment.

Legacy of Excellence
Founded by Anatoliy Kokush, Filmotechnic is a frontrunner in research and development of camera car systems, cranes, flight heads and other image stabilization technologies. Kokush is a two-time Academy Award Winner in the 78th Annual Scientific and Engineering Awards for his development of the Russian Arm gyro-stabilized camera crane and flight head.

About Filmotechnic
Filmotechnic is the leader in enabling camera movements and image stabilization, delivering a diverse range of professional camera systems, camera cranes and gyro stabilized heads to the film, motion picture, and advertising industries. Over the past 25 years, Oscar Award Winner Anotoliy Kokush, along with Denis Kokush have built a legacy of advancing camera car systems and image stabilization equipment worldwide. Filmotechnic has offices throughout the US, Europe and Canada. For more information, go to


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