Adobe Announces New BØRNS Music Video Contest


Adobe and popular singer-songwriter BØRNS invite you to visually interpret the lyrics, music, and emotion of the new BØRNS song, “We Don’t Care.” Share your work on Twitter or Instagram by February 6 for the chance to have it featured in a BØRNS music video and to win a trip to LA to meet him.

Your entry must contain only original content created by you or content you have been granted permission to use. Entries that include any assets that you do not own, including photos of BØRNS you did not take, will be disqualified. (Note: Videos may include up to 15 seconds of the provided BØRNS song, “We Don’t Care.”) Read the full terms and conditions.

If you’re not a Creative Cloud member, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. If you’re ineligible for a free trial, you may use Adobe Spark Post or Adobe Spark Video to participate in the contest. Get started with Adobe Spark.

Visit the official Adobe contest page for more information:


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