The ONE Music Group Announces New Product to Bring Music Education to More Homes and Consumers of All Ages, Skill Levels


The ONE Piano Hi-Lite integrates into any standard 88-key piano or keyboard

San Francisco, CA – The ONE Music Group, creators of The ONE Smart Piano, Light keyboard and Piano Classroom program, announces the pre-order launch of its new product, The ONE Piano Hi-Lite. The ONE Piano Hi-Lite gives consumers the option to seamlessly incorporate and enjoy The ONE’s technology and piano learning programs on a standard 88-key piano or digital keyboard already owned.

According to a survey conducted by The Gallup Organization and commissioned by NAMM, the International Music Products Association, 50 percent of Americans receive formal music instruction at some point during their lives but only 12 percent actually continue to play as adults. The ONE Music Group aims to change this and improve music education growth with its smart learning, technology-focused products. The ONE Music Group’s flagship product, The ONE Smart Piano, is the only Apple MFi-certified piano that works with an application to teach users to play and has received considerable recognition for its achievements in talent development, most recently being awarded a 2017 Silver Edison Award.

“Through the great successes of our product line and classroom program, we identified a large group of potential customers that already owned a piano at home but wanted to experience the modern instruction The ONE provides,” said Ben Ye, Global CEO and co-founder of The ONE Music Group. “The development of The ONE Piano Hi-Lite is a further testament to our dedication to transforming music education and providing a means to make it more easy, accessible, and enjoyable, for all ages and levels of expertise.”

To use, place the strip at the top of the keyboard and connect the micro-USB to a tablet or smartphone; The ONE Piano Hi-Lite does not require installation onto the existing piano or keyboard. To access the instructional programs, download The ONE Smart Piano’s free application on the connected iOS or Android device and explore thousands of sheet music, more than 100 video lessons, fast-tracked lessons for beginners, and interactive games. Piano Hi-Lite is lined with LED lights that sync with these programs to signal which keys to play when.

Features of The ONE Piano Hi-Lite include blue and red LED lights and advanced laser sensor technology that syncs with the program’s lesson or game, correlating the light color and change speed depending on skill level. Additionally, auto-correction enables the LED lights to pause until the correct keys are pressed. The ONE Piano Hi-Lite also can be used in The ONE Piano Classroom, a music-learning platform available to educational institutions and teachers.

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite retails for $269.99 and is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $199.99 in light of National Piano Month. Official launch via additional large-scale, online retail stores and shipment to North American pre-orders will begin October 2017. The product is available in onyx black, with more colors available in the future, and The ONE Music Group plans to launch additional smart music education products late 2017.

About The ONE Music Group

Founded in 2013 by Ben Ye, The ONE Music Group is a manufacturer of quality musical instruments and instructional programs incorporating digital technology to make learning to play piano faster, easier and more enjoyable. For the consumer, The ONE Smart Piano and The ONE Light keyboard offer a fun and enriching way to learn piano without a teacher, no matter your age or skill level. For the institution and teacher, The ONE Piano Classroom provides a complete music education experience incorporating modern lessons into the classroom using The ONE’s products and application.

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