Chemical Wedding Releases HELIOS PRO for iOS


Hollywood, CA – Chemical Wedding, creator of Artemis director’s viewfinder software, will launch Helios Pro in the Apple App Store on Nov. 20.

Created to provide cinematographers, filmmakers, photographers, architects and urban planners with an Augmented Reality (AR) tool to predict and visualize the position of the sun moon and stars in actual locations, the software is priced at US$30.

“Helios Pro allows users to virtually step into the location they are planning to work in. There, they can observe the light interacting with the landscape, buildings and other objects from any angle or position they like,” says Toby Evetts, partner at Chemical Wedding.

Utilizing Apple’s powerful new ARKit, Helios Pro creates detailed virtual reality environments of actual locations; anywhere in the world; on any chosen day. This allows the user to explore the location, specifically how the sun, moon or stars will interact with the topography, buildings and other objects in the area. The way sunlight falls in a valley; where the sun is rising or setting over the ocean; or, if a full moon is visible in a forest.

Helios Pro gives time-lapse photographers the unique ability to preview light creeping across the landscape and its inhabitants. It gives architects a way to view how a mountain will shade a house after sunset. It allows cinematographers to plan when to capture the perfect sunrise, or have the sun back-lighting a New York streetscape.

“The original Helios was the first tool of its kind for cinematographers on a mobile platform,” says Chemical Wedding’s Nic Sadler. “Helios Pro takes sun position planning to a whole new level, adding tools for moon and star position too. The AR interface allows you to see what will happen as if you are there at the exact location at the perfect time.”

ABOUT: Chemical Wedding is a cabal of bearded Brits (well, one of them is kind of Australian) comprising a cinematographer, a designer and a finance type with wide experience in design, coding, technology, filmmaking and spoon bending. The partners believe things can be made better using technology. Other than beer. This has resulted in several software titles, including Helios, Artemis and Toland.


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