Discovery Communications Senior Editor Aaron Moore on Audio Network and the Importance of Music


Here at Sound & Picture, we’re always excited to chat with industry professionals about their workflow and tools of the trade. Aaron Moore, a Senior Editor at Discovery Communications, took the time to tell us about the software and plugins that he relies on most. Music is especially important to Moore’s editing projects, so we talked to him about how he uses Audio Network, an independent music company, to enhance his work.

Senior Editor Aaron Moore

S&P: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career?
Aaron Moore:
I am a Senior Editor at Discovery Communications. I have been editing for 10+ years, mostly here at Discovery.

S&P: What types of projects have you worked on recently?
I work primarily on short-form content for our Ad Sales partner, but have also been doing a lot of VR work in the past year.

S&P: What types of software and plugins do you typically use?
Primarily we use Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid for our editing, and DaVinci Resolve for color correction. We primarily use Boris FX Continuum Complete and GenArts Sapphire plugins.

S&P: How do you collaborate with your creative team and set up a workflow for projects?
We are all on the same shared storage system. Everyone is able to access the same media simultaneously. I work very closely with a team of GFX artists and other editors. We share projects and media across our storage seamlessly and quickly.

S&P: How important is it to you to find the best possible music for a project?
Extremely important. In my opinion, music is everything to a cut. Its sets the tone, mood, and direction you want the viewer to go. I tend to start every project I work on with finding a good music track first.

S&P: When and how did you begin using Audio Network’s music solutions?
I started using Audio Network four years ago. It is one of the music libraries available to me here at Discovery.

S&P: Why did you choose to use Audio Network rather than a different music library or service?
Lately I have been using Audio Network because of the Premiere Pro plugin. I really enjoy how easy it is to search the library and import the tracks directly into my project. Saves a few steps in the process of finding music.

S&P: What do you like best about Audio Network’s services?
I really love the multiple versions of one track that are available. If you really like the drums/percussion of one track, there is generally a version that provided just that. The variety in the versions of tracks is really helpful.

I think Audio Network’s Premiere Pro Plug-in is fantastic. It really saves time when searching for and importing music tracks for my edit projects. To have the same search functionality from the website directly in a panel in my Premiere project allows me to easily see which music tracks will work and which won’t. It’s like having the entire music library at my fingertips. I would definitely recommend using it to others.

S&P: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming creative professionals?
Do not underestimate the power music can have in your cut. The right track can make all the difference in delivering a truly powerful and impactful creative piece.

S&P: What projects are coming up next for you?
Unfortunately, we can’t share that with you! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.


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