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soundlister-logo-squareBeing a successful sound artist, editor, or mixer requires more than just creativity and technical proficiency.  It requires a client base, and to build that base it’s important to get your name out there. That holds true for both freelancers and studio employed sound pros.  Reaching producers and directors hasn’t been easy, but now there’s a new place where re-recording mixers, sound editors, designers, field recordists, Foley artists, composers, and even voice actors can share their bios and work samples with potential clients. It’s called Soundlister, and creating a profile is free. The site’s co-creator Asbjoern Andersen, the mastermind behind the massive online independent sound effects retail site A Sound Effect, explains why Soundlister is an essential networking tool for sound professionals.

S&P: When did you launch Soundlister?

Asbjoern Andersen (AA): We [Andersen and co-creator Zdravko Djordjevic] stealth-launched Soundlister back in March, and have been keeping relatively quiet about it while we’ve been making sure everything works as it should. We’re still doing some tweaking, but we’re now ready to present it to the world properly.

S&P: What benefits does Soundlister offer audio pros that other production service sites, like Variety411 or, don’t offer?

AA: There are quite a few general post crew-oriented sites out there, and while some audio professionals are using those, we’ve found that there are a lot who don’t. Many audio pros simply have a Vimeo or Soundcloud page with demos, and finding their pages is like finding a needle in a haystack. Also, there are many audio subcategories that simply aren’t covered by the existing production service sites.

This effectively means that it’s really, really hard to get an overview of who is out there in the sound community, and, at the end of the day, finding the right audio professionals for your projects is a lot harder than it needs to be.

That’s what we want to help fix by launching Soundlister, where we specifically highlight audio professionals. We’ve built the site with a key focus on being able to actually hear and see demos/highlights from projects they’ve worked on, even on Soundlister’s front page, so you don’t have to visit each profile to hear what the talent is capable of. We’ve also added specific sound-related search/filtering that makes it easier to track down the talents you’re after for your projects.

And finally, we’ve taken an open, hub-like approach with the site, where audio pros can link to their various social media profiles, personal web pages and more, to bring everything together. Want to connect with a given audio pro on social media, visit their website to find out more about them, hear more demos, or perhaps check out their IMDb page? That’s really easy to do with the help of Soundlister. And, of course, if you want to get in touch with relevant talents, that’s easy to do through Soundlister, too.

Asbjoern Andersen

Soundlister Co-Creator Asbjoern Andersen

S&P: Why should audio pros create a profile on Soundlister?

AA: Because Soundlister finally offers a way to get an overview of who’s out there in the community.

By joining up with hundreds of others in the sound community on one dedicated site, it makes the community, and you, as an audio pro, much more visible to the outside world, and to the people who are looking for audio pros for their projects.  It also makes it much easier to find other talents from around the world to collaborate or network with, or hire if you need a helping hand. And, as mentioned, it allows you to list your various social media profiles, personal website, your demos, and more in one place. You get a hub where people can actually find you, in a place where they look for people like you. Oh, and it’s also completely free to use the site. So if you think having a site where the sound community can be found is a good idea, then please support the project by setting up a free profile.

S&P: How do you help promote Soundlister to clients looking for professional audio services/talent?

AA: Our primary focus in the initial phase has been to build up a good selection of audio talents on the site. Now that the tires have been kicked a bit and the site is growing, we’re starting to spread the word some more. Zdravko and I both run other sound-related sites, and we’re actively promoting Soundlister there.

And then there’s the magic of simply bringing a lot of talents together on one site. There are a growing number of organic searches and direct visits coming in from people who are actively looking for talents for their projects. It’s still in the early days for the site, of course, and we’re continuously looking at interesting partnerships and places to showcase the talents of the sound community.

S&P: How many profiles are on there now?

AA: There are 500+ profiles from around 50 countries right now and we’re seeing new talents from all over the world join every day; it’s really exciting!

Soundlister Co-Creator Zdravko Djordjevic

Soundlister Co-Creator Zdravko Djordjevic

S&P: What are some tips you can give listers to help them make their profiles stand out?

AA: Set up a good showreel that really demonstrates what you can do, and if you don’t have one handy from the get-go, simply start out by featuring a trailer or something similar from a project you’ve worked on. You can always update your profile later when your proper showreel is completed.

Also take the opportunity to make the most of your profile description. If you work in, say, game audio, highlight the various middleware solutions you’ve worked with. Highlight your skills, your expertise, and references. Basically, get all the info in there that someone looking for someone like you would want to know about. It’s your moment to shine, so be sure to make the most of it to stand out!

Another tip: look at how others are presenting themselves and their work. That’s one of the benefits of having a large number of talents gathered in one place; there’s a lot to be learned from how others are doing it.

S&P: Creating a profile on Soundlister is free. Do you anticipate that a listing will always be free, or will this be a subscription service in the future?

AA: It’s absolutely free to be listed and to use, and we have no plans to change that anytime soon. From our perspective, this is a community project and we’re just excited by the enthusiastic response to the site. We hope to see more sound pros on there too!

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