Magic Leap & Lucasfilm are Making Your Star Wars Dreams a Reality


magicleap_bannerMagic Leap, the mysterious US tech startup with more venture capital than you can shake a Pacific Heights condo at, recently posted an incredibly impressive video of a collaboration with Lucasfilm. The video shows off Magic Leap’s mixed-reality technology, which is essentially a headset that allows users to see, hear, and interact with a computer-graphic hyperreality superimposed onto normal, everyday waking life, including all of the odds and ends in your living room. Sounds cool! Also, it looks pretty cool. We can just imagine further possibilities: being able to sit on your couch and watch Star Wars with C-3PO and R2-D2 sitting on the couch right next to you, laughing and exclaiming along with you as you all sip from big sodas. I’m envisioning myself high-fiving C-3PO or Chewie as the Death Star explodes in the movie while I’m stuffing popcorn into my mouth with my free hand.

Of course, competing technologies from other companies linger in the field, namely Microsoft’s HoloLens and the headset from tech company Meta, which have both made big advances. But third-party reports have begun to verify what Magic Leap has been saying all along: nobody can do it like they do. Magic Leap’s claim to fame, their proprietary digital light-field signal that tricks your brain into seeing something that’s not there, is a secret recipe that supposedly makes this experience extremely lifelike, much more so than the competition.

Magic Leap’s particular brand of mixed reality is still a ways off from pretty much anyone’s hands, from consumers to professionals, but with content like this Star Wars scene getting released, the indefinite wait will hurt a little less.

And for what it’s worth, Magic Leap and Lucasfilm, for Yoda’s sake, we must have player-versus-player lightsaber battles. Soon. Please.

Photos: Magic Leap


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