In Memoriam: Steven Poster Remembers Vilmos Zsigmond


vilmos_zsigmondSteven Poster, ASC, president of the International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600), issued a statement in response to the passing of Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC: “The cinematography world lost a great talent today. Vilmos’ genius was not only in his images, but in his sense of duty to honest storytelling.”

“As one of our most esteemed members, Vilmos was an inspiration and mentor to many of us in the International Cinematographers Guild. In 2003, our members voted him one of the top 10 influential cinematographers of all time. I was privileged to work as his 2nd unit DP on three of his movies. We all knew what a giant he was as an artist at the time. But working up close with him, I also learned about perseverance and an obligation to the story from the master.”

“There is not a member at the International Cinematographers Guild who has not been impacted by his brilliant photography and his personal story. His brave beginnings providing footage from the Hungarian revolution will always be an important part of his legacy and to future generations of cinematographers and film students. He made a difference.”

“He will continue to be an inspiration to cinematographers everywhere.”

Photo by Jesse Grant,


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