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nextvideo_iconThe Next|Video Expo took place in Pasadena, California at its convention center October 1st and 2nd with great success. If you missed it, here’s what you need to know.

Miller Compass 12 Solo 75 System tripods are now shipping
If it’s 6pm on a Friday and we hear the name Miller, we usually think of the goldeny goodness that is beer. Chilled, it’s refreshing, and an audacious way to finish a work week. But if it’s still morning, we’re thinking tripods. The Compass 12 Solo 75 System tripods from Miller were introduced earlier this year and are now available. There are three flavors to choose from: a Carbon Fiber 1870, a Carbon Fiber 2010, and an Alloy 1876.

Each comes standard with an integrated 75mm bowl that offers quick leveling, angle locks so there’s no need for a spreader, four selectable pan/tilt drag positions that include zero, four counterbalance positions, a 60mm sliding camera plate, rubber/spike feet, and bubble levels. But the best thing about Miller is their fluid heads. The mechanics inside them are phenomenal. No cheap springs, just pure, uninhibited design that translates into graceful camera movements that would make your mother proud.


Inside a Miller head

Carbon Fiber 1870
Two stage tripod
Height range 15.9”-70.2″ (404-1784mm)
Cost: $2,027

Carbon Fiber 2010
Three stage tripod
Height range 15.4”-80.3″ (390-2040mm)
Cost: $2,880

Alloy 1876
Two stage tripod
Height range 15.9”-70.7″ (404-1795mm)
Cost: $1,873

If you’re in need of something a little more rugged, the Alloy 1876 is the way to go. All three are virtually identical in weight (14-16lbs) so transportation is going to be easy – Miller even provides a weatherproof carrying case. There’s neoprene leg protection for easy grip with self-adjusting rapid leg locks. Each tripod has a payload of 22lbs, which makes them perfect for the DSLR and ENG crowd. There are also available accessories for the tripods, like offset camera plates, mounting brackets, and adapter plates. With any tripod, for us, it’s about weight, setup time, and results – Miller has all three covered.

BBS Lighting attaches LED to boompole
The Flyer is exactly what you think it is – a light that can fly overhead thanks to an attached boompole. It almost seems like a gimmick, but there are tons of applications for the product, especially if you don’t have overhead rigging. The LED is a fully dimmable, variable color temperature fixture from 3000k – 5600k, and operates on Gold mount or V-Lock batteries. What makes the Flyer a little more unique than just attaching any adapted LED to a boompole is the remote system.

The BBS pole has an XLR control cable running inside that attaches to a remote belt pack. There, the operator can color change or dim the fixture on the fly. There’s also a blackout function. The fixture weighs under 3lbs and has a max power consumption of 66W. BBS has put together a kit to include the LED, soft box, belt pack with controller, pole, control cable, battery plate, AC/DC cord, and a case to carry it all. Cost: $3,999.

Alzo Video goes high intensity
The Alzo 3000 Series LED Video Lights offer daylight color temperature with lower power consumption and high LUX. There’s three in the series: the 3000, 3200, and the 3300. Each fixture has a 5300k-5600k daylight range, and produces flicker free diming perfect for high frame rate cameras like the Phantom. The 8″ Pars include a removable reflector, diffuser, and umbrella mounts.

3000 High Intensity LED
9000 LUX at 3′ (1m)
LED life at 50,000 hours
Universal power 120-240v
Weight: 5.5lbs
Dimmable in 5, 1/2 f-stops
Cooling fan emits <5db of noise
15 lights can be powered from a single, 15amp 150v circuit
alzoCost: $409 with stand

3200 Very High Power LED
17,000 LUX at 3′ (1m)
LED life at 50,000 hours
Universal power 120-240v
Weight: 6lbs
Dimmable in 5, 1/2 f-stops
Cooling fan emits <5db of noise
Power consumption 200W
Cost: $537 with stand

3300 Ultra High Power LED
25,000 LUX at 3′ (1m)
LED life at 40,000 hours
Universal power 120-240v
Weight: 7lbs
Dimmable in 5, 1/2 f-stops
Cooling fan emits <5db of noise
Power consumption 350W
Cost: $835 with stand

F&V SpectraHD 4 now available
spectraHD4The SpectraHD 4 is a 4.3″ EVF packed with pro features like false color, vectorscope, histogram, and audio levels. It’s a 1280×720 pixel display made from aluminum housing. It features a 1/4-20″ housing on the bottom, and has HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs. The EVF can also convert an HDMI signal to SDI. On the back of the unit are a headphone jack, a DC input, and a mini-USB to update the software. The SpectraHD 4 can also run off Sony NPF batteries. In addition, there’s a Loupe with an adjustable diopter for the EVF that can be purchased in a kit. Cost: $1,099 for the EVF, or $1,399 for the EVF + Loupe.

Azden extends their PRO Series with i-Coustics
A perfect wireless companion for DSLR users, the PRO Series offers a variety of unique systems for many applications. The wireless is a 2-channel VHF, allowing you to switch when there is interference in your audio tracks. azden_icousticsIts clean, reliable RF delivers a range of up to 200 feet of performance, and all PRO Series operate on the same two frequencies (169.445Mhz and 170.245Mhz) and the same circuitry, making them interchangeable.

Azden has now introduced i-Coustics kits, which are compatible with smartphones and tablets. Designed to work with iPhones, 3rd generation iPads, Samsung Galaxy (3,4,& 5), Galaxy Tab, and most Android devices, the i-Coustics line offers several options to choose from.

This kit comes with the EX-413 handheld microphone, WM-PRO body pack transmitter, the WR-PRO receiver, and the EX-503 lavalier. The EX-503 features an omnidirectional polar pattern, providing nice off-axis pick up. The receiver also comes equipped with a shoe mount to attach to your rig. Cost: $185

Azden’s lavalier microphone system comes with the WM-PRO belt pack transmitter, the WR-PRO receiver, and the EX-503 condenser lav. It carries the same feature set as their WLX-PRO kit, but the included adapter makes it smartphone and tablet ready. Cost: $165

With this kit, you get everything in the WLX-PRO+i kit plus the SGM-990 shotgun microphone. The shotgun is a 6″ directional mic with two switchable pickup patterns that allows you to focus on long or short sound distances. The SGM-990 has a working range of 20-40′ and uses 1xAAA battery for power. The microphone also comes with a shoe mount and windscreen. Cost: $350.

Allex – Libec’s new tripod system
The Allex is a unique tripod system that combines a head, tripod, and slider for a variety of setups. The Allex head is lightweight and carries a payload of 33lbs. It’s also a dual head that can be used for a 75mm bowl or a flat base that’s mountable on a variety of equipment. When attached to the rigid Allex tripod, operators can reach heights between 29.5″ to 54.5″ (74.5 to 164.5cm). The tripod has integrated rubber and spike foot pads with an adjustable middle spreader. The mountable slider has 28″ of range with very fluid movement at super slow speeds thanks to its ball bearing positioning. Libec offers a few options: the Allex kit, which is the head and tripod, and the Allex S kit, which is the head, slider, and tripod. You could even add on an additional head to shoot vertically with the slider. Overall, both kits are very travel-friendly.

Alibec2llex Kit
Head + Tripod
Cost: $375

Allex S Kit
Head + Tripod + Slider
Cost: $785

Allex H
Head only
Cost: $215

MōVI continues to be awesome
The MōVI M15 is now available. If you’re familiar with the MōVI M5 and M10, the M15 is Freefly Systems’ next step in camera stabilization. The 3-axis handheld gmovi_controller2yro is designed to work with larger pro cameras like the Sony F55 and the Arri Alexa M.

The company also showed off its MōVI Controller, a professional grade remote system that gives operators full control over pan, tilt, and roll. The Controller is only compatible with the M5 and M10, and gives users on-the-fly adjustments to key parameters. Picking up the Controller, we found it significantly light, drawing power from one IDX battery.

K-Tek engineers new stability
The ProShot is a multifunctional camera support rig for DSLRs and video cameras. With a 20lb payload, this 4 in 1 support system can be configured into a monopod, shoulder rig, stabilizer, or high-hat in a matter of seconds. It’s extremely versatile and lightweight. The unit has two gripping handles for operation and is a three stage monopod extending to 4’8″ (142cm). The base of the ProShot has a nice counter weight for stabilization and is covered with a thicker neoprene padding for the shoulder work. We tested the unit with a DSLR camera without experiencing any discomfort. K-Tek is offering the ProShot in three options: a basic, a unit with speed rails, and a third with speed rails and a Norbert Sport frame.

Basic unit
Cost: $849

Basic unit + DSLR Kit
Cost: $989

Basic unit + DSLR kit + Norbert Sport camera frame
Cost: $1199

Flanders provides solutions
Flanders Scientific has been making professional grade monitors for quite some time with great success. To go along with their monitors, they now have a full line of accessories dubbed FSI Solutions that marry to them exceptionally well. The CH series is a carrying case with an integrated hood made from cordura and ballistic nylon. The four-sided hood is fully adjustable, providing shade for viewing at the best angle possible. They have three models in the CH series: the CH 17, CH 23, and CH 25, each fitting different sized monitors.

fsisolutionsCH17 fits 16.5″-17.5″ monitors
Cost: $225

CH 23 fits 18.5″-23″ monitors
Cost: $250

CH 25 fits 24″-26″ monitors
Cost: $295

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, the FC series is their hard shell carrying case solution. Made from high-density plastic, it features custom machine-cut foam, designed specifically to work with Flanders Scientific’s monitors.

The FC 17 fits 17″ monitors like the CM171 and the CM-170W
Cost: $195

The FC 21 fits 21″ monitors like the BM210 and LM2140W
Cost: $195

Cool-Lux PRO LEDs
The PRO Studio LEDs from Cool-Lux are designed for professionals and offer extremely high light output. They have daylight, tungsten, or bi-color with Gold mount, V-mount, or DMX power options. The beam angle can be flood or spot, and the LEDs run silent and flicker free. There are three fixtures to the line and each offers a high CRI of >95.

500W equivalents
30W power consumption
coollux_ledAvailable in 3200K, 5600K, or Bi-Color
DMX option

100W equivalents
60W power consumption
Available in 3200K, 5600K, or Bi-Color
DMX option

2000W equivalents
120W power consumption
Available in 3200K, 5600K, or Bi-Color
DMX only

OwlDolly goes gyro
The GyroSpeed from OwlDolly is a two axes stabilizer (tilt and roll) that uses sensors to measure the camera’s motion, which in turn controls counter motions in the rig. Designed to work with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, the stabilizer is lightweight (3lbs), made from carbon fiber, and comes preprogrammed with six different modes. A switch on the back of the GyroSpeed allows a user to move between modes, and users can even monitor real time sensor readouts or modify modes through any operating system (Mac or Windows). Cost: $899.

Duclos Lenses PL mounts Canon
This awesome company in Chatsworth, California is doing something no one else (that we know of) is doing – they’re adapting EF mounted Canon lenses to PL. The Canon CN-E Primes are beautiful lenses, and Duclos has designed and manufactured a stainless steel PL mount that seamlessly integrates to the lens as if it came from Canon itself. A complete adapted set takes about two weeks to deliver and includes the 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 135mm for approximately $35,000. And yes, they include a Pelican flight case.

A Horny Rhino is only $13
If you’re ever at a trade show, food can be dwindled down to a few subpar options, but the Pasadena Convention Center has a lot to offer nearby. We found ourselves eating both days at Exhibit R, a sandwich and coffee shop across the street. The turkey avocado sandwich is simply fantastic, and if you’re feeling adventurous, the Horny Rhino sandwich is an ultimate feast. It’s literally four sandwiches in one.


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