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MXL Mics Teams Up with FiLMiC Pro App


MXL-VE-001_1000pixwideEl Segundo, CA — December 11, 2013 — MXL Microphones announces a strategic alliance with Cinegenix, the maker of popular videomaking IOS app FiLMiC Pro. The announcement coincides with the release of MXL’s Mobile Media microphones, a series of mics designed for mobile audio for video applications. The alliance between these two mobile media leaders offers videomakers a complete hardware and software solution to produce high quality videos with improved audio on their mobile devices.

Mobile videomaking is a growing market due to the availability of smartphones and mobile devices capable of recording high definition video and the popularity and ease of video-sharing websites. As people increasingly use their phones for video recording, MXL anticipates a demand for more mobile audio solutions. MXL’s goal with the Mobile Media series is to offer mobile device users a variety of external microphones engineered for specific audio and video applications, such as a shotgun mic for video recording or a handheld mic for interviews. Rather than a one-mic-fits-all approach to recording, the Mobile Media series gives users their choice of microphones tailored to their recording needs.

“One mic does not fit all applications,” says MXL Director of Sales and Marketing Perry Goldstein. “That is why MXL is creating a full line of mics that plug into the 3.5mm mini jack, which makes them compatible with most phones and tablets, regardless of operating system. We are also aligning ourselves with a community of people developing accessory products for mobile devices, like FiLMiC Pro. This synergy will result in developing and bringing to market the most up-to-date audio solutions for the exploding Mobile Media category.”

FiLMiC Pro is meeting the public’s desire for more advanced video solutions with its feature-packed app for iPhone and iPad. The app includes features like variable frame rates, four selectable resolutions, framing guide overlays, audio metering, color bars for post production and much more. FiLMiC Pro allows users to film professional-looking video using a mobile device.

A key feature of MXL’s Mobile Media microphones is the integrated headphone jack on the connector cable, which allows real time audio monitoring with FiLMiC Pro.

Cinegenix founder and CEO Neill Barham says, “We at Cinegenix are excited about teaming with MXL Microphones to bring broadcast quality audio solutions to our market leading mobile video platform. MXL has been an industry leader for years and we have been most impressed with both the build quality and audio performance of their hardware. What has surprised us is the full breadth of innovation that they are enthusiastically bringing to the mobile space, and together we are going to develop some very forward looking mobile Audio/Video solutions.”

The alliance between MXL and FiLMiC Pro is part of an effort to support the growth of the Mobile Media industry and to inform consumers of the solutions available to them.

FiLMiC Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 6.1 or later. It is available from the AppStore.

MXL Mobile Media microphones are available at major consumer electronics retailers nationwide.

About MXL
MXL is division of Marshall Electronics. MXL is a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post, production, and live sound markets. Additional information on all MXL microphones can be found at

About Cinegenix, LLC
Seattle start up Cinegenix has been at the forefront of broadcast quality mobile video. A 2x iOS Video Camera App of the Year and the recipient of a Best App Ever Award, Cinegenix and their flagship FiLMiC Pro have become a staple of newsrooms, classrooms and film sets the world over. With users in over 130 countries and countless awards to their credit, Cinegenix is transforming the world of mobile storytelling for the 21st century.


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