Five Minutes With Endo Music Co-Founder and Singer/Songwriter Freddy Monday


Freddy Monday - LiveEndo Music, the diverse music production library known for its work in feature films, network television and advertising, and company Co-Founder and Singer/Songwriter Freddy Monday can be heard in the new Steve Jobs bio pic “Jobs” and the film’s soundtrack album. Thefinely-crafted, 70s pop-infused “There Were Times” perfectly captures the jangly guitars and stacked vocal harmony driven sound of that era.

The song can be heard early in the film when we see the future Apple visionary as a young man working at videogame developer Atari and just beginning to develop the ideas that would come to define him and the company.

Monday talked about the song and its inspiration.

Q.  How did you come to be involved in “Jobs”?

Monday: I had worked with Mason Cooper, the music supervisor on “Jobs,” previously on the movie “Born To Ride.” I wrote the title track with Vincent Alfieri from Deetown Entertainment. I also sang lead. Vincent and Deetown have been huge in the film soundtrack world with songs penned for blockbusters like the “Transformer” movies, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Iron Man.” They came to us with the rough idea of what they’re looking for and we just ran with it.

Q. Was this a song you wrote for the film specifically, or was it something you had written already and just turned out to work for the film?

Monday: The answer is both really. I wrote the majority of the song as a different track always intending to use as a song for my solo record. When the pitches came for the “Jobs” film, I got the Endo Music team together to create and submit at least 5 tracks. “There Were Times” was the one chosen for the film. Myself and two other Endo writers, Rick Horvath and Randall H. Light, transformed the original song. We added some jangly guitars and the stacked vocal harmony driven sound of 70s-era California rock, which is what the producers wanted.

endo_music_816Q. Was there a particular mood relating to the story of “Jobs” that you were going for?

Monday: The mood for me is a yearning for a time passed — a feeling of some isolation from choices made, and not realizing the result at the time. Sonically were going for a combination of Wings-era Paul McCartney and The Bryds.

Q: Your company, Endo Music, doesn’t just work in films, right?

Monday: Endo Music has placed a lot of music in Film and TV, as well as advertising. We’re all about customized music for all media and we’ve built an impressive and distinct library of tracks for clients to choose from. You can here our catalog here.

Freddy Monday - Banner“There Were Times” can be streamed on YouTube:

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