AVIWEST Announces Integration with Thuraya IP Satellite Broadband Terminal


AVIWEST_logoRennes, France — 30 July 2013 — AVIWEST announces that its digital mobile news-gathering video uplink systems, DMNG PRO Series, have received certification from mobile satellite services operator Thuraya. From now on, broadcast reporters and camera crews can use AVIWEST equipment to stream live video over Thuraya’s satellite telecommunication network via the Thuraya IP or the new Thuraya IP+ broadband terminal.

Designed to be easily portable, Aviwest’s DMNG PRO transmitters and Thuraya broadband terminals represent a perfect solution for journalists and camera crews on location. Combining AVIWEST’s DMNG PRO transmitter with Thuraya broadband terminal provides a true alternative to the use of heavy and expensive DSNG equipments. Compact and lightweight, DMNG PRO transmitters can be mounted directly on professional cameras or carried into a small backpack.

This integration offers a great benefit: ease of use. Once setup, the DMNG PRO detects the available network connections and establishes a straightforward connection with the satellite terminal without the need of a laptop. Thuraya’s broadband terminals are plug and play devices, that is, plugging an Ethernet cable from the DMNG PRO to the terminal is the only thing to do to connect the devices together. On air in a few seconds, the DMNG PRO automatically adapts itself to the network performance.

Furthermore, the system has another advantage over standard IP connections: a congestion-free network. Therefore the system provides a reliable connection allowing streaming live content from the field to the master control room through leased lines with guaranteed bandwidth, or through shared lines.

About Thuraya
Established in 1997, Thuraya (www.thuraya.com) operates a robust satellite service covering two-thirds of the world’s geographical area across more than 140 countries, serving approximately 4 billion people. Thuraya’s network is the only satellite network to offer GSM roaming, allowing GSM SIM to work even outside of normal terrestrial coverage areas. Thuraya’s high gain spot beams and dynamic resource allocation offer continuous, uninterrupted coverage and are designed to respond to surges in traffic demand, flexibly allocating resources to areas with heavy traffic as needed.

Headquartered in Rennes in France, Aviwest, www.aviwest.com, is a high technology company producing efficient and innovative portable video uplink systems. Its mission is to provide high-quality and high performance digital video products and solutions to its customers, allowing them to increase the quality and the level of their services.

Thanks to Aviwest’s core expertise in worldwide digital newsgathering technologies, the company develops, integrates, sells and deploys video solutions, including a complete range of portable video encoders/transmitters as well as a decoder/receiver, designed for news-gathering professionals. 


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