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NAB Show 2013 – Timecode Buddy: systems

When the development team at Timecode Systems Limited introduced the U.S. to Timecode Buddy: system at NAB Show 2012, it synced the sound and picture industry up with some groundbreaking technology. The premise behind the system is to provide filmmakers with the ability to jam timecode across single or multiple cameras through wireless transmission or wifi. Yep, wifi.They introduced two parts to their sleek system. The WiFi Master and the tx. The WiFi Master serves as the product’s backbone. Not only can it generate its own timecode from their finely tuned crystal, but it also acts as a robust multichannel receiver that can sync all the slave units over its 14 license free ISM BAND RF channels or wifi connectivity. Up to 10 iPhones or iPads can stream the sample accurate timecode, giving loggers, scripty and camera assistants all the information they’ll need right in front of them.

On the transmitter side, the tx, is the WiFi Master’s perfect compliment. It’s trimmed in their notable black and blue finish and has casing that’s near indestructible. The lightweight design of the TX carries an input for timecode, runs off 7-24V DC external power via Hirose, has an adjustable antenna, and is machined with a vibrant blue LCD screen.

Movie★Slate (which is now in version 4.02, $24.99) helped further implement Timecode Buddy into the app world, allowing users to use iPads & iPhones as timecode readers. The latest version provides a multicamera plugin mode, a chat system and added camera operator and color fields for easy organization.

mini trx

mini trx

By the time the 2013 NAB Show hit, Timecode Systems Limited took their products one step further and unveiled the mini trx system. “Customer feedback is important to us,” says Richard Meredith of Timecode Buddy. “We received a lot of suggestions and we implemented them into our new mini trx system we’re debuting at NAB this year.” The mini trx has all the goodies as the tx, but provides 3 power options. 4 pin Hirose, through a USB mini port, or a rechargeable lithium battery. Not only is the mini trx a bit smaller than the original tx, but they adapted the menu to incorporate a jamming section so users can quickly jam via TCI/O BNC.

Another surprise we enjoyed, was their collaboration with Denecke. We all know Denecke as one of the more respected names in the industry when it comes to timecode and reliable products, so this just is a seamless match in our minds for both companies. Specifically, they integrated a TS-3 slate with the Timecode Buddy system so it could transmit the data over their system and mirror it to the Movie★Slate app. It’s quite an achievement. The mocked model they were showing won’t be the final version consumers will be able to purchase, but it was exciting to see all of it’s potential in person.

They expect the mini trx shipping in a few weeks after FCC approval. Be sure to check and for future updates if you don’t see it here first. Check out the video above for all the visual details.


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