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2012 ASSG Nominees


The Australian Screen Sound Guild has announced today all Feature Film nominees in the ASSG Awards 2012, proudly supported by Syntec International. President of the ASSG, Doron Kipen said,  “The award season is almost upon us. A year’s wonderful sound work has been completed and you have submitted your entries in record numbers for consideration. The awards committee have been working hard accepting, collating and organising the judging for all of the projects in their many categories. Congratulations to all the nominees and I look forward to celebrating the year with you all at the ASSG Awards 2012.”

It is with great pleasure that we announce the following nominations:

Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo
Sponsored by Sound Devices
Quilton — “Switch to Another”

John O’Connell
Comedy Central Animated Idents

Thom Kellar, Andrew Simmons, Tara Webb
Intel — “Batik Fractal”

Richard Boxhill, Rosie Chase
AstraZeneca — “Underwater”

Mark Cornish, Raphael May
CommBank — “Flexible Bank Loans”

Mark Cornish, Mark Van Kool, Nigel Crowley

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film or Program
Sponsored by EdiCue from Sounds In Sync
The Maker

Brendan O’Brien
A Cautionary Tale

Luke Mynott, Wes Chew
The Last Photo

Jennifer Sochackyj, Phil Judd
The Adventures of Figaro Pho

Michael Darren, Tom Heuzenroeder, Adrian Medhurst, Sam Rogers, Russell Alexander, Luke Jurevicius
The Tortoise

John Kassab, Dane Cody, Gerry Long, Andrew McGrath, Scott Hemming

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film
Sponsored by AFTRS

William Ward, Jenny Ward, Jared Dwyer, Peter Climpson, Sam Hayward, John O’Connell, Eren Sener, John Simpson

Peter Mulheron, Mick Boraso, Rob Parish, Rocky Amaranto, Eren Sener, Belinda Galpin

Andrew Plain, Tara Webb, Peter Purcell, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Jules Ambroisine
The Road Home

David White, Blair Slater
The Wilding

Emma Bortignon, Sam Hayward, Joel Valerie

Best Sound for a Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television Audio Program
Sponsored by Sumsound and CX
The Block 2012 (Series 5)

Simon “Slash” Hicks, Glenn Humphries, Mick Papworth, Saul Gillingham
The Renovators (Series 1, Ep.1)

Cate Cahill

Best Sound for a Tele-Feature or Short Run Series
Sponsored by CDA ProAudio suppliers of Cedar Audio
The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab

Chris Goodes, Glenn Newnham, Adam Connelly, Mario Vaccaro, Marco Arlotta, John McKerrow, Nicky Robinson
The Great Mint Swindle

Stephen R. Smith, Dean Ryan, Dan Giles, Tom Lowndes, Liam Price, James Bagley, Neil McIntosh, Danielle Wiessner, Helen Brown
Dripping in Chocolate

Wes Chew, Luke Mynott, Sam Gain Emery, Tom Herdman, Chris Alderton, Sue Kerr, Blair Slater, Andrew Simmons, Dan Johnston

Richard Teague, Charlie Swales, Alex Mills, Myles Lowe, Abigail Sie, Carissa Coup
The Straits

Rodney Condor, Gary Hamden, Arron Price, Greg Burgman, Stephen King, Peter Hall, Trevor Harrison, Leon Horrocks, Olivia Monteith, Ian Donato, Natalie Choo, Michol Marsh

Best Sound for a Television Drama
Sponsored by Lemac
Lightning Point- Ep.1

Ralph Ortner, Simon Rosenberg, Ralph Ortner, Adam Connelly, Mario Vaccaro, Nicky Robinson
Packed To The Rafters — Ep.92 The Things We Do For Love

Dino Giacomin, Joel McLean, James Andrews, Alicia Slusarski, Nigel Croydon, Stefan Kluka, John O’Connell, Nicole Lazaroff, Shanti Burn
Puberty Blues — Ep.4

Ian Neilson, Robert Sullivan, Alicia Slusarski, Justin Lloyd, James Andrews, Nigel Croydon, Stefan Kluka, Guntis Sics, Mark Van Kool, Aron Dyer
Underbelly: Badness — Ep.7 Bang Bang, Kill Kill

Stephen R Smith, Joel Mclean, Liam Price, Mia Stewart, James Bagley, Dannielle Weissner, Helen Brown, Stuart Waller, Cathy Gross, Francis Byrne
Redfern Now — Pretty Boy Blue

Wes Chew, Sam Gain Emery, Mick Boraso, Luke Mynott, Blair Slater, Andrew Simmons, Duncan McAllister, Dan Johnston, Robert Mackenzie, Paul “Salty” Brincat, Shanti Burn, Ruth Vance

Best Sound for a Documentary
Sponsored by the D900 Digital Wireless System from Sennheiser and Rastorder Production Carts
Dr. Sarmast’s Music School

Livia Ruzic, Keith Thomas, Dale Cornelius, Mark Ingram|

Livia Ruzic, Keith Thomas, Ben Banks, Michael Den Elzen
Storm Surfers 3D

Glenn Finnan, Liam Egan, Sam Hayward, Tom Heuzenroeder, Martin Oswin, Daniel Brown, Nick Emond

Tristan Meredith, Gerry Long, Fabio Pertile, Robin Gist, Martin Keir
Sporting Nation Ep.1

Keith Thomas, Patrick Slater, Chris West, Graham Wise, Julian Langdon
Make Hummus Not War

Erin McKimm, Andrew McGrath, Frank Lipson, Peter Walker

Best Film Sound Recording
Sponsored by Rycote and also Syntec International, celebrating their 40th Year in the Industry
Wish You Were Here

John O’Connell, Jake Brown, Rafal Dabrowski, Phalla Ea, Chris Keros
Burning Man

David Lee, Gerry Nucifora, Paradox Delilah

Des Kenneally, Marco Arlotta, Will Sheridan, Anthony Healy

Michael Busch, Michael Janssen
Killer Elite

Gary Wilkins, Gretchen Thornburn, Chris O’Shea, Bryn Duffy, Cam Eason, Nigel Albermaniche, Andrew Quinney

Best Film Sound Design
Sponsored by Fairlight and the new Fairlight I XSTREAM
Wish You Were Here

Brooke Trezise, Sam Petty, Paul Graham Huntingford, Adam Connelly, Mario Vaccaro, Rosie Chase, Tom Heuzenroeder
Burning Man

Andrew Plain, Bronwyn Murphy, Justine Angus, William Ward, Megan Wedge, Adam Connelly, Peter Gleaves, Liesl Pieterse, Andy Stallabrass

Sam Petty  , Brooke Trezise, Yulia Akerholt, Adam Connelly, Mario Vaccaro, Steve Burgess, Antony Gray, Jasmine Guffond
Killer Elite

Andrew Plain, Paul Pirola, Hayden Collow, Carlo Cosentino, Leah Katz, Yulia Akerholt, Lucas Bone, Craig Carter, Brendan Croxon, Les Fiddess, Blair Slater, Adam Connelly, Nicolas Gilou, Chris Goodes, Cameron Grant, James Harvey, Nick Kray, Frank Lipson, Glenn Newnham, Martin Oswin, Brooke Trezise, Frederic Ullmann
Happy Feet 2
Wayne Pashley, Jenny T. Ward, Derryn Pasquill, Mark Franken, James Martell, David White, Annie Breslin, Danielle Wiessner, Sonal Joshi, Justine Angus, Tony Murtagh, Fabian Sanjurjo, Rick Lisle, Damian Candusso, Damon Mouris, Andrew Miller, Nigel Christensen, William Ward, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Jason Hancock, Libby Villa, Lewis Malia, Emma Mitchell, Belinda Trimboli, Ben Beverley, Ines Richter, Jared Dwyer, Rosie Chase, Mario Gabrielli, Rich Macar, Nick Kray, Andy Stallabrass, Peter Gleaves, Sal Ojeda, Thomas A. Carlson, Tim Ryan, Jason Fernandez, Craig Beckett

Best Film Sound Mixing
Sponsored by StageOne Sound
Burning Man

Gethin Creagh, Andy Wright, Peter Climpson

Peter Smith, Martyn Zub, Adrian Medhurst

Robert Mackenzie, Sam Petty  
Killer Elite

Peter Smith, Chris Goodes, Andrew Neil, Paul Pirola, Andy Wright
Happy Feet 2

Wayne Pashley, Phil Heywood, Peter Smith, Paul Massey, Peter Purcell, Greg Fitzgerald

Soundtrack of the Year
Sponsored by Avid
Killer Elite
Burning Man
Wish You Were Here
Bait 3D
The Sapphires
Happy Feet Two

The ASSG Awards 2012 will be held at 12.30pm on Sunday, the 25th of November, 2012 in the Ballroom of The Establishment Hotel, Level 2, 252 George St., Sydney. Visit to purchase your ticket and for further information.


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