63rd Annual Creative Arts Emmys Winners: Main Title Design


Who doesn’t like a good opening to a show! I know I do. That’s why I was happy to see the designers of Game of Thrones take home the Emmy with Angus Wall, Robert Feng, Kirk H. Shintani and Hameed Shaukat accepting.

The Nominees
Boardwalk Empire
Karin Fong, Designer/Director;
Michelle Dougherty, Designer/Director;
Lauren Hartstone, Designer/Art Director;
Cara McKenney, Producer/Art Director

Karin Fong, Creative Director;
Jeremy Cox, Designer/Animator;
Theodore Daley, Designer;
Cara McKenney, Producer/Art Director

Too Big To Fail
Michael Riley, Creative Director;
Bob Swenson, Creative Lead;
Adam Bluming, Editor;
Cory Shaw, Designer/Animator

Game Of Thrones
Angus Wall, Creative Director;
Robert Feng, Art Director;
Kirk H. Shintani, Animator;
Hameed Shaukat, Designer

Any Human Heart (Masterpiece)
Paul McDonnell, Designer;
Hugo Moss, Art Director;
Justin Lowings, Animator


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