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Trailer: The Green Inferno

the-green-infernoYou’re stranded in the depths of an uncharted jungle. What’s for dinner? Trail mix? Nope. You’re for dinner. At least that’s the case in the fresh new trailer for director Eli Roth‘s latest horror offering, The Green Inferno. Starring Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Daryl Sabara, Sky Ferreira, and Kirby Bliss Blanton, this dark thriller follows a group of eager New York student activists who embark to the Amazon to provide aid to a struggling tribe of natives.

Things take a dive for the worst when their plane crash lands upon arrival. So of course, the friendly locals, who they intended to assist, will welcome them with open arms and accept them as part of the community. Just kidding. They take the activists hostage and start planning the most complementary side dishes for their American college student flesh.

Apparently Roth shot the film on location in remote areas of South America, using a real tribe of people as his cannibal extras. These folks had never been filmed before and were unfamiliar with films in general. Roth screened the grisly 1980 grindhouse classic Cannibal Holocaust for the locals and they loved it, eagerly agreeing to act in his project.

DP Antonio Quercia captured the film’s cannibal madness on the Canon C300 and 5D Mark III. Ernesto Díaz Espinoza came aboard as picture editor, and Rodrigo Rojas Echaiz was tapped as VFX editor. Sound can make or break a horror film, so I’m excited to see what sound mixer Dennis Haggerty, boom op Harry Ryan, and sound effects editor Mauricio López are bringing to the table. Watch the anxiety-inducing teaser trailer below and your appetite ready. Theaters are serving up The Green Inferno on September 5th, 2014.

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Trailer: The Giver


Sit back for a moment and imagine a completely peaceful world. No war, no road rage, not even any trolls leaving nasty comments on internet threads.  If you grew up in the 90’s, you may remember a concept like this in The Giver, a sci-fi novel by Lois Lowry. I recall my middle school self wondering: “When’s the movie coming out? Why aren’t they cashing in on this?” Now, more than 20 years after its debut, a film adaptation is on the horizon.

Directed by Phillip Noyce (Salt, Clear and Present Danger), The Giver paints a portrait of a conflict-free society. People are mellow and stable — 100% drama free. So what’s the catch? Everyone is required to take regular injections of a serum that numbs their emotions, keeping them docile and predictable.

All adults receive “life assignments” from a committee, led by Chief Elder Meryl Streep. A young man named Jonas (newcomer Brenton Thwaites) is deemed worthy of being the next “Receiver of Memory”. This may not sound like a thrilling job, but it’s crucial to the society’s success.

“The Giver” is the only living soul who remembers life before the drugs wiped all emotions away. This coveted role is filled by “The Dude”, Jeff Bridges. As his title implies, the wise, old Giver will pass his memories on to the new Receiver, who will now protect the memories of a vibrant, unpredictable world. As Jonas learns the dark secrets of his dystopian society, he’s faced with tough choices about his future.

DP Ross Emery and camera operator Grant Appleton captured the film’s visuals. Mark Breakspear of Method Studios Vancouver was tapped as VFX supervisor. Mixer Nico Louw teamed up with boom ops Brendan-John Allen and Nate Aylor on the production sound side. Press play on the trailer below for a glimpse into this “perfect” world. What will Jonas do with his dangerous collection of memories? Find out when The Giver arrives in theaters on August 15th, 2014.

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Trailer: The Quiet Ones

the_quiet_ones_3_smallWhat do you remember most about college? Maybe it was the parties, the procrastination, or the joy of eating Ramen for every meal? In the upcoming horror/thriller film The Quiet Ones, a group of students will have slightly more terrifying memories of dorm life.

Spun in the magical world of 1974, Professor Coupland (Jared Harris) decides to conduct a secret experiment. Although Bill Nye the Science Guy would likely disagree, Coupland believes he can use his knowledge of physics to create poltergeists. You know, the paranormal forces that supposedly hide your car keys and make weird noises in your apartment at 4:00am. I would blame my cats, but hey, let’s not rule ghosts out just yet.

Coupland recruits the best and the brightest of his Ph.D students, including Brian McNeil (Sam Claflin), to assist and film the project. The plan is simple. Step One: find an alluringly disturbed young woman (Olivia Cooke). Step Two: put her in a situation that will release the dark energy in her psyche. Step Three: create a poltergeist. Step Four: allow things to go horribly awry. The group is confronted by a force more devastatingly evil than they ever could have imagined… act break. And did we mention this is inspired by true events?

The Quiet Ones is directed by John Pogue and produced by Hammer Films, a trusted supplier of horror goodness since the 1930’s. Boom ops Elliott Gilhooly and Ramon Pyndiah teamed up with sound mixer Henry Milliner to record the film’s production audio. Tom Boykin came aboard as re-recording mixer and supervising sound editor. DP Mátyás Erdély lens’d the film, and Glenn Garland was tapped as picture editor. A team of VFX companies conjured up the supernatural effects, including Gradient Effects, Rez-Illusion, and Lit Post. Take a peek at the trailer below to see the poltergeist in action. Catch The Quiet Ones when it creeps into theaters on April 25th.

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Trailer: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

capt_america_hires4What’s more American than apple pie? Captain freakin’ America. After transforming from a scrawny wannabe to a star-spangled super soldier in Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) was accidentally frozen in an iceberg. In The Avengers, he was thawed out and recruited by ultimate crime-fighting agency SHIELD, joining forces with his badass buddies to stop an alien invasion.

Now Captain America is living it up in the most American of all cities, Washington DC, working alongside legendary eye-patch clad agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and SHIELD’s new head honcho, Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford). He’s still adjusting to the modern world, his wholesome 1940′s sensibilities often clashing with today’s aggressive approach to crime-fighting. He’s also probably trying to comprehend the cultural importance of hashtags and twerking.

When one of his fellow agents is attacked, Captain America jumps into action. He joins forces with Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johanssen), aka the Black Widow, who knows how to use a skintight jumpsuit and a Russian accent to her advantage. They also team up with a new ally, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), aka The Falcon.

As they begin to reveal a dangerous conspiracy, the agents are confronted by hordes of deadly assassins. Who’s behind all of this madness? Apparently it’s Captain America’s old BFF, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). After being indoctrinated by the Soviets and outfitted with a bionic arm, he’s become a very formidable menace. Apparently the name “Bucky” wasn’t ominous enough, so he has become “The Winter Soldier”, a masked supervillain who’s up to no good.

Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo cited 1970′s spy thrillers as a stylistic inspiration for this chapter of the Avengers saga. DP Trent Opaloch lens’d the film and Jeffrey Ford was tapped as picture editor. Visual effects magic will be delivered by ILM and Scanline. Sound mixer Petur Hliddal teamed up with boom op Randall L. Johnson to unleash the production audio tracks.

The Winter Solder is coming. Will Captain America beat him up till he’s red, white, and blue? Find out when Captain America: The Winter Soldier marches into theaters on April 4, 2014. Enjoy the trailer below.

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Trailer: Non-Stop

Photography By Myles AronowitzThank you Liam Neeson for making the Internet more badass this week. The first trailer for his new suspense thriller, Non-Stop, has officially taken flight. Yep, pun. The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also worked with Neeson on Unknown (2011). This time around, he plays hardened U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks, who will put his particular set of skills into use at 40,000ft.

Marks is settling in for a long transatlantic flight from New York City to London and is jolted into action by a string of threatening text messages. An unidentified hijacker is demanding $150 million from the government. The mysterious messenger threatens to kill a passenger every 20 minutes if Marks refuses to initiate the transaction. Which makes sense. I mean, he paid $5 for Wifi, so what else is there to do? Neflix? Nope.

When the funds are nearly transferred off-shore, the owner of the account is identified as Marks himself. Now he has two jobs: saving the plane and clearing his name. Or, if Hollywood wanted to be less predictable: save the plane and then live grossly rich on some sweet island. My suggestion: Palawan in the Philippines. Either way, things get intense when he finds a dead hostage and a ticking time bomb on board. Luckily, no snakes – though they wouldn’t be a problem.

DP Flavio Martínez Labiano was tapped to lens the thriller, with picture editing by Jim May. Method Studios and Prime Focus delivered the film’s visual effects. On the audio side, we have production sound mixer Danny Michael, boom op Kira Smith, and utility Bryan Dembinski.

Who would dare to frame Neeson? And how awesome will it be when he saves the day? Find out when Non-Stop jets into theaters on February 28th, 2014. Watch the trailer below.

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Trailer: American Hustle

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  • September 12, 2013

The trailer for American Hustle is a star-studded montage of disco, danger and drama. Directed by David O. Russell and starring an ensemble cast of familiar faces, the film is based on a real scandal from the late 1970’s.

Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) is the king of the con – he’s suave, sharp, and knows how to get the job done. He also knows how to surround himself with beautiful ladies. His partner in crime is the seductive Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams). He also has his alluring wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) waiting for him when he comes home. He’s living the American dream.

Things escalate quickly when rogue FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) recruits Irving for a top-secret sting operation. He’s forced to use his con artistry to expose a corrupt network of high-level swindlers, mafia bosses, and dirty politicians. State assemblyman Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) finds himself caught in the middle of it all, and Irving’s unpredictable wife somehow emerges as the most powerful player in the game.

Apparently a life of crime has its fair share of ups and downs. One moment you’re drinking the finest champagne and admiring a suitcase full of cash, the next moment you’re getting slapped across the face and handcuffed by the feds.

Catch American Hustle in theaters on December 25, 2013. If you happen to be in LA or NYC  -  take advantage of early screenings on December 13th.

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First Look: Closed Circuit


Focus Features unveiled production stills from Closed Circuit opening up tomorrow. It’s a legal thriller wrapped in jolly old England. In the trailer Eric Bana aka Eric Banana Bread  is as a hotshot lawyer who finds himself in the midst of a dangerous national crisis.

It’s a quiet morning in London. Everyone’s sipping on tea, the royal baby is probably napping, and Big Ben is ticking through morning air. If you’ve never been to the UK, particularly in London, there are surveillance cameras everywhere – they’ve taken over like a flock of pigeons at a park. So the obvious reaction is that everyone’s safe cause Uncle Sam or in this case, John Bull, is watching, monitoring everyone’s every move. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. A sudden explosion hits a busy market destroying everything, throwing the city into crisis.

After an epic manhunt, the lone survivor of a terrorist cell is captured and blamed for the crime.  It’s the trial of the century, and two of the nation’s top lawyers are paired up on the defense team: Martin Rose (Eric Bana) and Claudia Simmons-Howe (Rebecca Hall). The superstar lawyer duo are ex-lovers and make a pact to keep their previous affairs under wraps. As the case progresses, a deadly government conspiracy emerges, and they’re drawn together again as their reputations and lives are threatened. Sounds like a modern day John F. Kennedy story… sweet-deets.

Closed Circuit is directed by John Crowley, which you might recall his recently helmed British dramas Is Anybody There?, starring Michael Caine and Boy A with Andrew Garfield or some of his acclaimed plays (The Pillowman, The Behanding in Spokane).

Cinematographer Adriano Goldman (Jane Eyre, The Company You Keep) dramatizes the mystery with a beautifully muted color palette of grays, blacks, and dark blues. ARRIs Arricam LT was paired with Zeiss Master Prime and Angenieux Optimo lenses. Shot 2.35:1 on 35 mm (Kodak Vision3 200T 5213, Vision3 500T 5219) the film was processed by Technicolor in the UK (digital intermediate (2K) (master format), super 35 (3-perf) (source format)) and printed on 35mm anamorphic.

Boom op David McMillan and production mixer Jim Greenhorn tracked the audio for the film.  They both worked on the British miniseries Parade’s End, which Rebecca Hall was in. Jim also mixed one of my recent favorites, Attack the Block. It’s another film showing London under attack, but this time the culprits are monstrous alien beasts with glowing blue teeth.

Lucia Zucchetti cut the film. She also edited The Queen, starring Helen Mirren as Her Royal Majesty, along with the HBO mini-series Game Change, featuring the tale of Sarah Palin, queen of Alaska. Closed Circuit’s visual effects were imagined by the Framestore team, led by VFX supervisor Rob Duncan.

Will the lawyers save London from the deadly grip of a government conspiracy? You can find when Closed Circuit opens in theaters tomorrow, August 28, 2013.

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Photos courtesy of: Focus Features

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